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We had such a FANTASTIC DAY with Darren from ROOTStoFOOD on Wednesday 20 April-

Darren had the children fully energised and engaged from the moment they met him and had to exercise to raise their heart beats (and were quite worn out!)  and then really enjoyed the cup of  delicious SMOOTHY they all helped create to re-charge their bodies with nutrients ---the children learnt  lots of important food facts: nutritious foods for their bodies to help them concentrate and learn, the  MOST IMPORTANT MEAL of the day was BREAKFAST, portion size and always to try new was a great day ending with a super PARENTS cooking session, with Darren again giving lots of helpful advice on cooking methods and recipes to prepare packed with nutrients for everyone .....and very will be on our website asap.....Thank you parents for attending ...your positive feedback was excellent.....thank you..

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